Aloha! After hearing the news that hemp foods have finally been "approved" in Australia we thought it was time we unleashed this little number. Superweed is our sub-tropical groove regarding the legal status of cannabis.

We'll be releasing the studio version of this soon but in the mean time wrap your ears around this...

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“psytrance style jazzy rock”

#theflumes killing it with their psytrance style jazzy rock. Lovin it. #harp #bass #drums #alt #music #balconytvsunshinecoast A post shared by Jai Bevan (@hellojaibevan) on Mar 19, 2016 at 7:39pm PDT Thanks very much Jai Bevan for this great shot of us from last year with our biggest fan! We're glad we're The Moonsets now […]

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Live Shots from Solbar • Friday 24 February

Big Love to All Strings Attached and all of the groovers who ventured out to Solbar Friday night for a wild night of music, and cheers to Rob Sharkey for another stellar live shot. We're heading back into the studio to polish off the new tunes to be released very soon, so next chance to […]

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All the strings

We're bringing all our strings down to Solbar this Friday night for All Strings Attached's new album tasting. From 8 with The Quakers, bring your ears of adventure and insensible shoes 🙂 #solbarmusic #all_strings_attached #themoonsetsband A post shared by The Moonsets (@themoonsetsband) on Feb 20, 2017 at 11:15pm PST

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